Pre-Planned Funeral Arrangements

Pre-Paying Your Funeral Expenses.

Today millions of people in New York State and across the nation are choosing to pay their funeral/burial expense well in advance. As part of significant trend, more people are putting money away to pre fund their funeral costs. At O’Reilly Funeral Home In Rosedale Queens we will carefully go through setting up an account to plan for your future. Making your funeral arrangements in advance is a wonderful way to ease the burden on your family members and loved ones. We’re here to help you iron out the details of your funeral so that you can rest in peace knowing that everything is taken care of.

Why Pre- Plan

Many people recognize that taking care of this important need is not only smart financial planning but provides great emotional relief just knowing that their final expenses are covered.

Funeral pre-payment also allows an individual to make his or hers own specific funeral pre -arrangements at the same time. Detailing such important items as hours for visitation and the type and content of the funeral or memorial service.

Individuals also specify their merchandise selections, which includes everything from the desired casket and monument to flowers and other personal items which are important to them. Most importantly, pre-paying funeral expenses and making pre-arrangements also spares surviving relatives and friends from added stress of having to make such decisions a time of great sadness an emotional distress.

You Always Control Your Money

With the strongest consumer laws in the nation, New York Sate works as our partner so that you can be confident that funeral/burial funds are well protected. How?

Every penny (100%) of your money must be placed in a special revocable funeral trust, making certain that these funds will be available when they are needed and used just as you intended. They always remain yours, meaning that you can, at any time, move your account to any other funeral home, or even retrieve your money (with interest) -at no cost to you.

PrePlan Keeps Your Funds Safe and Secure

We take very seriously our obligation and duty to carefully manage each consumers pre-paid funeral funeral trust account at our disposal to your advantage, With pre-paid funeral/burial accounts totaling over $600 million, we at PrePlan are able to place your specially-designated funeral funds in the safest, most secure investments. Your funds will earn interest to offset any rising costs associated with the funeral service and personalized items chosen. These funds are placed in FDIC-insured certificates of deposits which provide you, as a consumer, with the combined financial benefit of safe, no risk investments that give you a maximum rate of interest. In addition, each account is fully insured up to $250,000. Our rock-solid investment principles first and foremost protect the security of consumers’funeral trust funds. Our investments are well diversified, and we will only do business with the highest rated banking institutions.

You can also have a peace of mind in prepaying their funeral expenses knowing that a PrePlan is designated as an accredited company by the highly acclaimed Better Business Bureau.

Once your pre-paid funeral account is opened our professional staff will send you a confirmation that your funds have been received and deposited. In addition there will be helpful year-end tax and annual statements detailing your accounts activity for the entire year. All these services are yours for a minimal fee of (.0075%) as permitted by New York State Law.

Opening Your PrePlan Trust Account.

Once you contact the professional staff at O’Reilly Funeral home, we can help you get started in planning for your expenses. We’ll provide you with an itemized list of your selections, as well as a copy of your new pre-paid trust agreement, We will promptly send a copy of your agreement, along with your check, to PrePlan for immediate deposit in your newly established account.

We will be happy to provide you with additional information about opening a PrePlan account.