Irene Cox

1918 - 2021

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  1. Dear Family,

    You have my deepest sympathies. Back in the day, Cousin Ivory would visit my grandmother regularly. She always said that it was only my grandmother and my grandmother’s children that called her “Ivory.”
    Over the years, I would always be glad to run into Cousin Ivory as she sojourned across the city. If I saw her on the bus, she would be talking to the bus driver. She seemed to know all the bus drivers by name( like she worked for transit).

    She always greeted me with a smile. She was witty and so mentally sharp. Her kindheartedness reminds me so much of my grandmother. Their warmth of spirit is so unique. It is rare to find such a genuinely kind person. I will always remember her fondly. What an honor and privilege to call her family.

    Peace be with you all,
    Cousin Sharada

  2. Once you met my Aunt Ivory you would never forget her.She was so full of wisdom.Back during the day no computer but she remembered everything. Our family historian..I. talked with her last month and she went way back saying I remembered when you and your twin was born on February 4 1948 during all that snow.Before she went to Nursing Skilled House we would talk for hour even after been in the facility she said I’m not complaining things could be worst.she talked about riding the.bus going to McDonald’s talking to Chief her children she loved her some Grandson Sam and granddaughter Samantha. I remember when they were born.When she came down to Virginia she would have to ride the bus.I’m going to miss my Auntie

  3. I will always my Auntie Ivory (Irene) She was a woman of wisdom. If you wanted to know anything about family just ask Aunt Ivory back during the day no computers but she remembered way back it was such a joy to talk with her.About 3 weeks ago I talked with Aunt Ivory she said I remembered that snowy day February 4 1948 when my twin sister was born. One thing about Auntie she loved family.When Sam and Samantha was born she said Jackie got a handful. When she came Virginia she had to run on the BUS and of course I would go along. Going to miss my historian a woman of wisdom love you

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